Faith Formation PreK-6

Youth Faith Formation

Grades Pre-K to 6

The teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church and its two thousand year history are a precious legacy.  Parents are the first and best educators of their children.  Our program is designed to help families impart this gift of faith handed down from our own parents and grandparents by offering catechesis (religious education) in an age-appropriate classroom setting.  We strive to help empower parents and guardians to fulfill the promise they made at each child’s infant baptism, to bring up the child in the Catholic faith and to live and learn our teachings and traditions.

 Our volunteer catechists are partners with parents and are engaged in ongoing study and prayer in order to be knowledgeable guides for our children’s faith journeys.  Our own faith journey does not end with the completion of religious education classes and we hope that your children’s participation in the program will encourage their, and your own, lifelong learning and spiritual development.

We ask your cooperation in our partnership by reinforcing at home what we teach, praying daily with your children and attending Mass every weekend.  Participation in Sunday Mass, all year round and on Holy Days of Obligation, is essential to the faith formation of our children and families, and is the central component of our parish Faith Formation program. When we participate in the celebration of the Eucharist, we worship as a community of believers, which is what God desires us to be.   We celebrate the Eucharist as the source and the summit of our Catholic Faith, as the real presence of Jesus Christ. 

Weekly classes for Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade take place on Sundays in the school building from approximately 10 to 11 am. They begin after the 9 am Mass and end before the 11:15 Mass.  Each week during the Faith Formation school year from mid-September to early May, a different grade is asked to bring up the gifts of bread and wine in the Offertory Procession at the 9 am Mass. All classes also participate in special children’s Masses.